Even a flat-chested bride can take a full picture

Choose the right lingerie

Underwear has always been a woman’s favorite, choosing good underwear to take wedding photos has always been the focus of wedding photography. Choose 1/2 cup or 3/4 cup for a wedding photo to effectively concentrate the small chest, make it look round and upright, and take the perfect wedding photo. Cover cup inside have liner, have side to push, concentration function, bottom thick go up thin bra also has the same effect. The soft invisible steel ring can effectively support the chest, and the curve of the chest beauty becomes beautiful. When trying on brassiere, must check from the side, ability knows the radian that puts on the garment how, the design that chooses the top position of cover cup to face upwards, can build the effect that sharp and straight.

2. Selection of wedding dress style

Flat breast bride had better choose medium, high waist, gauze face, waist discount white gauze, can decorate the proportion of figure so. Or choose a wedding dress with a pocket on the front or a special pattern on the front to increase the effect of divergence. For example, a dress with a pleated front or tie will make the chest look larger. Or use a flower to make a chic wedding dress for the bride, let the flower blossom in the bosom heartily, increase the fullness of the breast.

3. Accessories should be small and exquisite

Chest small collocation short filar towel is very good eye shift focus, long filar towel is unfavorable. Delicate small necklace is a good choice, long necklace can not wear without wearing! Chest flowers, chest decoration to increase the wedding gauze photo of a set of points. A tote bag is better than a side pack, and a back backpack is also a good choice for a bride with a small chest.

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What color and color is the best color for bridesmaids

Bridesmaid dress to agile, fashion, and not too loud, took the elegance of the bride, so choose a suitable color of the bridesmaid dresses is very important, then it is very bad for wearing the wrong color. What color can’t a bridesmaid wear? So let’s do that.

What color can’t bridesmaids wear

What color should bridesmaids not wear – red

Chinese people pay attention to red, red, and red. In a traditional Chinese wedding, red is only the color of the bride and groom. The wedding dress that the bride wears is red commonly, if the dress of bridesmaid is choosing red, have the suspicion that upsets the bride, such is very bad, can say taboo. But bridesmaids can opt for a lighter red dress that is not the same color as the bride, so they can avoid the suspicion of stealing the show. Bridesmaid dresses color taboos to be an elegant bridesmaid

What color should bridesmaids not wear – white

It says that red is the only color that belongs to the bride in a traditional wedding, and that white is the only color that belongs to the bride in a western wedding. In the modern western wedding, the bride is usually wearing a wedding dress, and the wedding dress is usually white color. If the maid of honor chooses white dress again, also unavoidably noisy take over the meaning of the host. At this point, bridesmaids can choose colors that are similar to white but less elegant, such as champagne, light yellow and light blue. The most important thing is to agree with the style of the wedding.

What color can’t bridesmaids wear — black

The black dress is depressing, so it’s not very popular at weddings in China. Because black is usually present in funerals, if there is a black dress in the wedding, it will be very bad. So the bridesmaid dresses color choice, black is also a big taboo, but must remember. In addition, the black mesh socks should not appear on the wedding, appear very frivolous.

What color do bridesmaids wear best

The important rule of bridesmaids choosing dresses too much is that they should not take over the bride’s head and match the bride’s dress with the theme of the wedding. The color that does not suit to be a bridesmaid dress on the wedding is explained above for everybody, 3 color taboos, does bridesmaid have to remember good? After reading the above content, many girls may be confused, so what color of dress is the most appropriate? So let’s do that. Wedding bridesmaid dress color recommendation make a perfect bridesmaid

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 How does prospective bride massage leg can thin leg

Approaching the wedding date, the bride-to-be must want to perform perfectly at her wedding, but the thick lines of her legs are really annoying. Many bride-to-be will adopt various methods, hoping to create a perfect leg line. Today small make up recommend to bride-to-be thin leg clever method is leg massage, so how does bride-to-be massage leg can thin leg? Let’s see.

How does bride-to-be massage leg can thin leg 1, flap leg

Bring your hands together to create a hollow palm, starting at the ankles with your hands beating your legs rhythmically from the bottom up. Do the same with your left and right legs. Massage along the lymphatic glands of the legs. It allows the leg to circulate blood more smoothly, and also allows the lymph glands in the legs to help drain water from the legs. The massage that humidity flaps, can eliminate the heavy feeling of retreat service and dropsy phenomenon, achieve the goal of thin leg.

How does prospective bride massage leg can thin leg 2, massage leg lymphatic

Massage the lymph nodes to promote metabolism, achieve the effect of draining and burning fat. Can use both hands to ham direction, from the ankle to the inside leg massage action, repeat 5 times, until you feel the leg feel fever, then hand fingers open, hands on thighs containing lymphatic massage at places.

How does bride-to-be massage leg can thin leg 3, acupoint massage

After bathing every night, sit on the bed, bend your knees, hold the ankle with one hand first, massage the three Yin and Yang fu points. Three Yin intersect is located inside crus side foot inside ankleolar tip top 3 inches, and Yang fu acupoint is located in external malleolar tip top 4 inches, massage these two acupoints gently slow, until ankle and its upper part become red. Two acupoints promote blood circulation and hormone secretion.

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 Traditional bridal sedan chair wedding scene layout the most intense Chinese flavor

With the popularity of western wedding in the market, and the traditional Chinese wedding is not familiar with losing its elegant demeanor, more and more people favor. What is the traditional Chinese bridal sedan chair and what are the arrangements? Here is a look at the traditional bridal sedan chair wedding scene layout, to help you hold a traditional and romantic traditional Chinese wedding.

Sedan chair wedding decoration – red lanterns

Chinese people pay attention to red, hot and noisy. Therefore, red mascots are indispensable in the wedding scene, especially in the traditional Chinese wedding. Since ancient times, there have been wedding customs in China that hang red lanterns. The flaming red lantern wick shines in the lanterns. Related reading: the most detailed list of traditional Chinese wedding products

Sedan chair wedding decoration – red carpet

The happy red carpet is also an indispensable part of the traditional bridal sedan chair. In western-style wedding, the couple need to walk through a way of one channel to reach the ceremony, and in Chinese wedding, the couple will need to walk the red carpet, presumably also signifies the couple will be towards the happiness of marriage, couples best wishes.

Bridal sedan chair wedding scene layout — happy words

Since it is a wedding, it is inevitable that the decoration of the scarlet letter. In a traditional wedding, the scarlet and gold characters are often used. The happy word not only represents the marriage of two people, but also represents the happy future of the couple. The golden word of happiness is a sign of wealth. It looks elegant and luxurious, and also elevates the whole wedding scene to a luxurious and high-end state. Related reading: the traditional Chinese wedding taboo big day don’t touch a bad day

Sedan chair wedding decoration – red veil curtain

Gauze curtain gives a person hazy, romantic feeling all the time, in this big happy day, had the adornment of red carpet, happy character, also cannot lack the ornament of red gauze curtain. And gauze curtain also has unique position in traditional wedding, it can make whole wedding scene become substantial.

Bridal sedan chair wedding scene layout — wedding couplet

Xi lian is a unique literary form that reflects the life interest of the Chinese people. You can write down your good wishes on red paper and hang them on Windows and doors. On the wedding, the bride and groom will write some blessings and good wishes, blessing the couple a hundred years of good marriage, early birth of a son and so on. Related reading: the wedding couplet is suitable for sharing with couplets in different places

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Korean bridal make-up picture 10 graphic steps to make an elegant bride

On your most happiness day, painted a beautiful Korean bride makeup look, and I love him to the wedding chapel is many girls dream of things, and then read a dream for you in advance, take a look at Korean bride makeup face images, the following Korean bride makeup step allows you to shine on the wedding day to be a heroine.

Korean style bridal makeup picture 1

Before starting to make up, apply a bit of segregation frost evenly on the face, rise to embellish skin while still can have the effect of concealer.

Korean bridal make-up picture 2

If your dark circles are heavy, apply a touch of concealer to your lower eyes to completely cover them.

Korean bridal make-up picture 3

Then apply a foundation to your face.

Korean bridal make-up picture 4

Remove the black eyeliner and draw a thin line at the base of the eyelashes.

Korean bridal make-up picture 5

The lower lash line only needs to be drawn to the corner of the eye.

Korean bridal make-up picture 6

Choose a dark shadow and apply it to your eye socket.

Korean bridal make-up picture 7

Remove the highlighter powder and apply it twice on the nose and brow to make the look more solid.

Korean style bridal makeup picture 8

Affix false eyelash to eyelash root, after putting up, brush with eyelash creams two can.

Korean bridal make-up picture 9

You also need to apply blush on your cheeks to make your face look rosy.

Korean bridal make-up picture 10

Finally, apply a peach or orange lip gloss to the lips.

Above is the picture of Korean style bridal makeup face, isn’t it very perfect, look for your hairstylist finally, for you dish on bridal hairstyle can walk on your wedding scene.

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How does bridesmaid hair tie a step to solve 6 steps to make lovely bridesmaid hair

A pretty and cute bridesmaid hair is essential for bridesmaids, not only to show their lovely side, not to worry about stealing the bride’s thunder. Small make up recommend this bridesmaid hairstyle today have adopted the small meatball formidable skills, make a don’t be creative, lovely and pretty bridesmaid hairstyle, and this hairstyle makes the steps are very easy to learn oh. Here’s how to dress this bridesmaid hair style.

How does bridesmaid hair tie a step diagram step 1

First of all, the long shoulder-length hair and sloping bangs will be neatly combed.

How do bridesmaid hair tie step 2

The neatly combed hair is combed behind the back, and then evenly divided into five parts (as shown in the picture), each with a rubber band tied into a small ponytail.

How does bridesmaid hair tie a step diagram step 3

Start with the bottom ponytail on the far left and twist clockwise behind your ear.

How do bridesmaid hair tie step 4

Twist the ponytail into a small bun and secure it with a small black hairpin.

How do bridesmaid hair tie step 5

Then, from left to right, the remaining four ponytails are twisted in the same way, into the cute ball head of little Joe. Tip: all balls should be next to each other, not too large gap.

How do bridesmaid hair tie step 6

Set 5 small ponytail into the same ball head, and then choose a light pink hair card, not on the left ear, very cute. Small and fleecy ball dish hair is linked together next to each other can very beautiful, be like floret, add a lot of lovely temperament for bridesmaid, very sweet.

This lovely and pretty bridesmaid hair how to tie a step diagram, believe that the smart and lovely bridesmaids have all learned.

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The meaning behind the wearing and meaning of the thumb ring is revealed

What is the wearing method and meaning of thumb ring? Read more about ring wearing. In ancient China, it was called trigger finger, representing power and preciousness. In the west, according to ancient Roman documents, wearing a ring here can help you achieve your goals and move towards success.

The meaning behind the wearing and meaning of the thumb ring is revealed

How to wear a ring:

First it is a matter of ring wear in the hands of the general ring is worn on the left hand, there are two main reasons: one is put on the right hand will affect to do things, is simply to shake hands with people, take things such as eating, will be affected to some extent; Second, in both China and the west, the left hand represents the birthright and destiny, so it should be worn on the left hand. According to western tradition, the left hand shows the luck god has given you, so a ring is usually worn on the left hand

How and what a thumb ring means: and other fingers

Wear on the thumb, represent power, precious, ancient Chinese called trigger finger. In the west, according to ancient Roman documents, wearing a ring here can help you achieve your goals and move towards success.

If you wear it on your index finger, it means you are unmarried, but you are willing to fall in love and get married, which is equivalent to telling people around you that if you are happy with me, you should come after me as soon as possible.

Wearing the middle finger indicates that you are in love, but you are still unmarried. There are still opportunities for the opposite sex who have ideas.

Wear on ring finger, show already engaged or get married, it is the person that famous flower has clear Lord!

Wear on the little finger, this is the tail quit, indicating celibacy, and also do not want to love.

A special one, said to be worn on the ring finger of the right hand, denotes the heart of a nun.

How to wear flower ring and its significance:

, of course, the above said it was a diamond ring and ring for more formal, for decorative flowers don’t have so much that, like to wear in where can, only have adornment effect, no special meaning. If you are wearing two rings, it is best to use a complex combination of a simple, harmonious tone, so that people do not feel uncomfortable. In addition, two rings should be worn on two fingers next to each other. Also be careful not to wear too many rings to give people the feeling of selling rings.

Ring and character:

For men – wearing a sterling silver ring is a sign of gentleness and ease. People who wear gold rings are more interested in profits and tend to have a shrewd business sense. Jade jade wearers pay attention to the quality of taste, rigorous handling.

For women – those who love pink diamonds or pink corals – there is plenty of romance. Ruby lovers are like fire. Love sapphire or aquamarine person, more inward and cold. Those who love emeralds or Turkish stones have delicate emotions.

Finger and ring – the ring is worn on different fingers to reflect the psychological meaning associated with personality. Those who like to wear it on their index fingers are more aggressive and stubborn. Those who like to wear the right middle finger advocate the concept of moderation in life. Those who like to wear the middle finger on the left are responsible and attach importance to family. He who likes to wear small fingers has a sense of inferiority. He who likes to wear his ring finger has no ambition, is easygoing and does not care about gains and losses.

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